3inch copters with 4k cine capabilities

3 inch quadcopters in the 250g all-up-weight categorie are my new favorite for daily flying. It combines several benefits of the other classes for me:

  • it’s a lot less intimidating to people around then 5 inchers, so flying in a bigger park or the local forest won’t annoy many people
  • sound does not propagate as far as a 5incher with fat motors that unleashes more than thousand watts on a punchout
  • punch out power is comparable or better as 3inchers often have a better power-to-weight ratio
  • you gain the ability to fly in tighter spaces, even indoor. So you might be able to use a lot more areas close to you for flying than with a heavy ( == loud) 5 inch rocket
  • batteries are about half the price or even cheaper than 5 inchers batteries – i’m using mainly 850mah 4S for that class. It’s easier to charge your batteries while flying with a mobile charger like the Toolkit RC M6.
  • more copters and batteries will fit in your backpack. I often go to fly with my MTB having 3 kwads, 15packs and a 100 W/h LiIon pack to charge some Lipos a second time – all in a Loewepro Quadguard X2 Backpack. In stealth mode – without anything attached to the outside.
  • you can run a dual cam like the Caddx Tarsier 4k v2 to record in decent quality

there are some cons as well

  • you might loose a bit of distance that you can cover with one battery
  • building and maintaining 3 inchers is mode fiddly than bigger Kwads.
  • you could even run a GoPro Session or similar size cam with some frame types – but i really recommend the Caddx Tarsier or similar cam for weight and flight characteristics reasons, so for all the GoPro 7-8 lovers, 3 inch is maybe not for you
build example of a 3incher with cine capabilities:  iflight ih3 with caddx tarsier 4k


some examples of the footage you can do – i went for a little hike to lake in the mountains, on the way up checking out places to fly and flying the way down, here is the result:


check out the buld/improve logs of my 3 inch armada:

from other kwads.org contributors: