copter hiking

last weekend the weather was really unpredictable – just a little bit of rain now and then but mostly dry. So i went for a hike with my kwad somewhere in the Salzkammergut mountains. In the lower areas the forest is quite dense with just a few flyable glades. Didn’t want so stay on the same place the whole afternoon so i cameup with the idea of combining my FPV flying with some hiking. My rules for kwadcopter hiking were:

  • maximum of 3 packs on the same spot
  • have to find the next spot and the way to it from the air
  • make a round and come back to the starting place

starting spot, a dry meltwater river:

some recordings of the transitions between spots are lost as i didn’t press the button :/

after some fpv scouting above the forest roads i found a nice place behind the river: