Cruising around Loser near Altaussee with a GEPRC Mark4 mid range build

the GEPRC MARK 4 freestyle frame came into the game when i realized that vibration and jello issues on my Minibigger 7 inch long range build are caused by the lightweight frame with only 4mm carbon arms. Another design flaw on the 7 incher was to use 2306 motors – they kind of work for 2 blade props but torque is not enough for the 7 inch 3 blade props. So i went for the 6 inch version of MARK4 frame hoping to get better HD video recordings. Flight time is a bit lower than the 7 inch build – in the video below i got around 5-6 minutes on an 1800mAh 4S pack – doing quite some distance and altitude.

not perfect but a lot better – but see yourself – first video is from MARK4


The second video is from last year on the same spot with Minibigger 7 inch frame – a lot of vibrations and jello