GEPRC LX 6 – the big Leopard

This build started as a midrange plan but somehow got to a fast nearly mid range poser quad. Had to choose that nice GEPRC Leopard frame because i like the look of it a lot.
Motors might be a too high KV for efficient 6 inch – but can punch you to the clouds in a few seconds :smile:


Had some troubles with silicone pads for the motors – it turned out that motors got hot because of some strange tension problem when the silcone pads where mounted – after some unsuccessful PID tuning i removed the silicone pads and motors didn’t get hot anymore – strange enough. those pads where a bit thicker – about 2mm – than the other ones i’m using without having any problems at all. Motor1 seems to have been damaged a bit as on a punch out it does tilt over a little.



seems like ESC got damaged by over temperature. Got a new 40A ESC and changed the motors to weaker and lower KV 2250 DYS motors.

here is some footage from a test flight:

out in the mountains:



did mount a GPS on the back of the Kwad to be able to use GPS rescue mode and have the coordinates in case of a crash

parts used:


GEPRC Leopard LX 6


Version 1: AMAX 2306 2500KV

Version 2: Samguk SHU 2250KV


Flight Controller

Matek F-405 CTR


Racestart Tattoo 35A 4-in-1


Caddx Turbomicro F1


Matek VTX HV


TBS Triumph




3D printed top cover