GEPRC Sparrow V1 Facelift

So, my old GEPRC Sparrow V1 3 inch kwad becomes a faclift. Original with a F3 Flight Control, a strange, never to understand VTX, how to set band & channels and a frsky rxsr receiver!

Bring the old Sparrow to the year 2020:

I also updated the blheli-s ESCs to the new Version from JazzMavericks 16.77 48k! I could also use the new RPM Filter from Betaflight 4.1 with this ESC frimware.

Now the little speed maschine is ready for takeoff. It feels more 5 inch than a 2 inch and makes realy fun at the field! And also with a 650mah 4s Battery you are under 250g take-off weight.