iFlight ih3 build log

This is version 1 with 1407 – i’m still waiting for the Emax 1306b motors to get below the 250g mark and will update this page later.

parts list:

choice of propellers

that is not an easy question for cine kwads. In general for smooth flying and jitter free recordings you want well balanced and not too agressive props. What i have tried so far:

  • HQ durable props DP3x4x3V1S
    • really durable, takes and cuts small branches like a champ
    • a bit heavy
    • not too aggressive but also not super smooth with pitch 4
    • well balanced
  • Gemfan Flash 3052
    • not durable, usually needs replacement after a crash
    • a bit too agressive for filming – but less than my Kinkong 3050 i use fore racing
    • best sound of all inch propellers – least high frequency noise
    • perfectly balanced
  • Gemfan Bullnose 3035
    • not durable, light and thin
    • good for filming, very low vibrations

I’m waiting for the Gemfan Winddancer 3028 props to arrive from China as those might be the sweet spot, kind of durable but still light and low pitch. I’ll keep you updated!