Xaok’s Minibigger 7 inch long range setup

This build is intended for mid/long range fpv flights. Next to an efficient power train setup a GPS module and long range radio link setup are on my wishlist. might even try https://github.com/iNavFlight but step by step – this is the initial build and i’m still struggling to get the HGLRC Ublox GPS module working correctly.


Finally i got the GPS working – it takes about 10-20sec to have a 3D fix with good resolution. Return to home – RTH – works like a charm in Betaflight 3.5 and brings the kwad home in case of a failsafe.

UPDATE: well this time on a 250m field with 5S 1800mAh according to GPS data we got 165 km/h 🙂

Minibiggers first mid range adventure

nearly 1km away until the taranis gave me an RSSI warning. Perfect travel speed seems to be around 80km/h with about 15A draw. Have to check out why RSSI in OSD is staying constant but taranis gave me a warning at 950m.


some cruising with my old Gopro Hero 2 – badly attached with a mount from another quad – sorry for the jello


PID’s used in those flights:


Long Range RX and VTX upgrade

FrSky on 2.4 GHz can get good range but beyond 1km RSSI drops down quite fast and i guess if there is some interference on 2.4GHz with other devices like WIFI you can watch your Kwad doing the failsafe…. so… i did risk to buy the new FrSky R9M TX module and some R9 slim RX. First impressions are quite good – got about RSSI 85 on 1km distance from on 100mW.

Did replace the Matek VTX as well as it gave up to transmit after a little crash. Probably grilled itself as it took me 5-6 minutes to recover the Kwad.

My choice is an TBS Unify Pro V3 on 5V. Hope it won’t have any noise on high throttle. Had some issues with the Unify in other Kwads. It can be prone to noise.


out in the Mountains doing around 1km of distance to TX and in total about 6-8km of flight distance



Foxeer Box 4K on the Minibigger

finally went for the Box 4K as the Gopro Session 5 is mostly out of stock and it looks like the session line will be discontinued.

first test was in the late afternoon just before sun went down – and i’m quite happy with the results.


 parts used (latest version)


Minibigger 7 inch racing frame


AMAX 2306 1800KV


Flight Controller

Matek F-405 CTR



DYS Aria 35A 3-6S



Caddx Turbomicro F1



TBS Unify Pro V3



TBS Triumph


long range Receiver

FrSky R9 Slim


long range module for Taranis

FrSky R9M



Lipo Protector

HGLRC Ublox GPS Module