replacing the broken Realacc Purple 150 frame with GepRC 130X

after a failed dive into deep frozen ground my Realacc Purple 150 frame gave up. 2 broken arms.

loved that frame for its nice look and good flight characteristics but not so much for its weight. about 230 grams without battery is on the heavy side for a 3 inch kwad.



so finally i did order the GEP 130X frame from Banggood. i was struggling a lot to get the Runcam split in with the Purple 150 – had to mount VTX on top of the frame which made it more likely to break in a crash. so i was looking for a frame with slightly more room inside to make everything fit clean and nice.

dropped the original camera mount because tilt was limited to 15 degrees with the runcam split and printed out a slim standoff attached mount in flexible TPU. green standoffs where replaced by purple ones with +5mm extra to better protect the lense of the runcam split..



parts used:


Geprc GEP 130X


Geprc Speedx GR1408 3750KV

Flight Controller

DYS F4 Pro V2


EMAX Bullet 20A


Runcam Split


Immersion RC Tramp HV


Turbowing 8dbi Mushroom


FrSky XM+